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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 21, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: elizabeth in austin writes "you missed the right on the mark in court that is a belamy's brothers line." >> i used to use that when i was 17 as a line to pickup. >>shepard: the news begins anew. the wisconsin budget battle continues. tens of thousands of protesters in the capital again. why the governor says he will not compromise. that is coming up. the bunga-bunga box two, ruby the heart stealer speaking out on "the italian prime minister's silvio berlusconi sympathy." there is $300,000 worth of sympathy. >> growing tensions with pakistan accusing a contractor of murder from the c.i.a.
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>> new details and the interrogation tapes unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" but first from fox at 3:00 in new york, another arab nation is now on the brink of revolution. anti-government protesters in libya claim they have taken control of the nation's second largest city and now the bloody revolt spread to the capital. there are conflicts reports of whether qadhafi left the country. the government denies it. his 41 year power grip on the oil rich nation could be if jeopardy. but one of his sons appearingen on television saying he will fight to the last man standing. and warning that "rivers of blood will flow." this already the most bloody revolt yet in a stunning wave of unrest across the arab world. we are told protesters torched the public building in the capital overnight including
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government offices and police stations. this is amateur video. fox cannot verify tie the all then advertisity. no foreign press has been allowed in libya, so it is extremely difficult to confirm anything. there are reports of sniper and military aircraft firing live ammunition on crowds of protesters. in other words, the government murdering its own people. at least two libyan air force fighter pilots who did not want to shoot the protesters have apparently defected to malta. according to the group human rights watch the crackdown killed more than 230 people. but some opposition leaders say the number is much, much higher. jonathan hunt with the news from new york today. there are signs the regime is cracking from inside. >>jonathan: serious signs. the justice minister, the highest level resignation from qadhafi's government saying that he was resigning in protest of
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what he called the "excessive use of force." bit army and the secret police. diplomats at the libyan mission here at the u.n. also today swore their allegiance not to qadhafi's government but to what they said was the people of libya, so severe cracks. also, interesting to note and significant, these protests have now spread from the eastern city which is a traditional antican dave sentiment to qadhafi's stronghold and the protesters are happening there are what prompted qadhafi to stop what appears to be a fight for his life. >> do we know if qadhafi is in the country or spread to venezuela as some reported? >>jonathan: we do not know. there were reports including from the british foreign secretary indicating that he may, indeed, have been on his way or already in venezuela, but
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the libyan foreign minister then said those reports were absolutely baseless. bottom line is we do not know as we do not know many things happening if libya. >>shepard: we now home the u.s. is responding. than state department officials are monitoring situation and have condemned the violence. the u.s. has had a difficult relationship with qadhafi since he seesed power in 1979. in 1969, excuse me. in 19729 u.s. ambassador was withdrawn from libya. in 1799 u.s. embassy was attacked and that same year, the u.s. designated libya a "state sponsor of terrorism," and from there it got worse. >> august 19, 1981, two libyan jets fire on u.s. aircraft taking part in what officials call a routine naval exercise over the mediterranean. the u.s. planes fire back and shoot down both libyan aircraft.
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april, 1986, a suicide bomb explodes at a berlin nightclub popular with american military personnel and two u.s. servicemen died and 50 are wounded and libyan is blamed and presbyterian responds by ordering airstrikes on targets near the libyan cities. and 15 people are killed. december 21, 1988, pan am flight 103 is brought down by a bomb over lockerbie, scotland, among the dead are nearly 200 americans. three years later, two libyan intelligence agents are indicted in the u.s. for planning the attack. libya waits eight years before handing then over. in 2120 one agent is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. scottish authorities free him on controversial compassionate grounds in august of 2009.
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now despite the controversy there is little effect on better relations with libya. qadhafi has halted all weapons of mass destruction and in 2006 the u.s. removed libya from the state sponsors of terrorism list but it now appears that qadhafi is at the very least guilty of terrorism against his own people. and the white house is once again working out how to respond to a man who is once more an international pariah. >>shepard: we will chat along with jonathan on questions during the hour at on the "on the hunt," link. the oil producing kingdom of bahrain is roughly the size of jacksonville, florida but the unrest could pose the biggest threat to the united states' interest in the entire part of the middle east. as we have mentioned before,
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bahrain is a vital u.s. ally home to the united states 5th fleet, the royal family aligned with saudi arabia and provides a crucial check against iran influence in the region. and now the news streaming live from the capital of bahrain. david lee? >>reporter: well, bahrain continues to -- (inaudible) -- and behind me is the square -- (inaudible) it was packed with thousands of demonstrators who say they are not going to leave until their demands are met. days ago the opposition said they wanted a constitutional monarchy out and they are pushing up the demands. (inaudible) they want the entire royal family to step down including the king. (inaudible)
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the opposition leader says he will return to bahrain tomorrow. >>shepard: apologize for the communication. it is hard to understand much. regarding the protests that we will watch in bahrain and beyond, only 900,000 people there but paw rain is across a bridge from saudi arabia, and the saudis built the bridge as a military bridge. they think now and always have been if there is an enormous uprising in bahrain, the saudi military can come across that bridge and take control of the situation as they have detailed plans to do we are led to believe. the question is: how much will iran exert their influence? could this be an enormous employee to the united states in what appears to be a quasiproxy war against then. the uprising was praised by some and failing to recognize their
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brutal crackdown on protesters. at a conference for muslim scholars in tehran the ayatollah blasted "arrogant powers in the region for interfering." analysts say in is a reference to the united states and the west. the ayatollah did not mention the rally that happened yesterday in tehran, the opposition movement called for the protests to mark a week since the deaths of two killed in clashes this month. both sides claim that one victim as their own. >> new development on -- first, analysis on the situations in a moment, the enormous importance of bahrain to the united states and to beats and tranquility in that part of the world and beyond and, in addition, what is happening with qadhafi if he is not there and if there is civil war, what happens with, as libya relates to the world? expert analysis on that in a moment. and showdown in wisconsin over
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the budget bill. republicans may find a way to pass a controversial measure in the bill without the 14 democrat would left to prevent a vote. and all of this comes as protests gather in the capital, yet again today. thousands marching inned and around -- marching in and around the capital some for and some against. the state was close to passing a budget bill including big changes for thousands of union workers limiting collective bargaining a rights and requires union workers to pay more for pension and health benefits but there is word that republicans could try to pass this union proposal without the democrats. and now at the capital building in madison. we have heard the people in favor here have been bused in from across the state and for that matter from across the country and now we hear for days the bill has been stalled. what is the idea to fix this?
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>>reporter: the alarm was raised by one of the at large senators who is hiding out in illinois. he said that senator republicans were going to attach the limits to collective bargaining to a bill that doesn't have anything to do with finance. therefore, bypassing the need for a quorum so they do not need that 20th senator to show up and they can ram this through without any input from the 14 at large senators. the senate democrats. we have heard from 9 senate majority leader, the republican, scott fitzgerald who says that is not accurate, that was raised by one of the senate democrats and it is not what the republicans are going to do. he says the changes will remain intact and they will remain part of this budget repair bill, and the republicans believe they can wait out the senate democrats and deal with the different budget deadlines as they come up. >> is there any chance of a compromise between those who want this union busting bill and those who don't? >>reporter: one of the republicans senators, shultz, proposed a compromise to make the changes to collective
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bargaining temporary, and we have heard back from the teacher whose said that is unacceptable and collective bargaining is the essence of union strength and you cannot touch it and we have seen democrats try to change the dialogue instead of trying to get one more democrat into the senate to complete the quorum they want to get three senate democrats, pardon me, three senate republicans to change the majority. >>shepard: thank you. the fight in wisconsin is not stopping at the bother, other republican governors are trying to cripple the unions in their state and union leaders see the protests as a rally cry. we will see where the next conflict is brewing and talk about all the politics that is behind this and the accusations that this is nothing but politics as "studio b" politics as "studio b" continues.
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>>shepard: the protests catching the attention of governors and union leaders. several other states would soon jump head first into their own debate over unions. reports indicate up to nine other republican governors are also working to make changes to union rules or get concessions from labor leaders. and the union heads are paying very close attention. with us now is the assistant managing editor for the walking owned by our parent company. the accusation is this is all politics and wisconsin's budget was mostly fine especially compared to every other in the
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nation and the governor when he came in enacted the tax cuts or new taxes, taken away from big businesses, and as a result they have a problem and this is what happened. >> the unions are saying we are willing to give you our contribution we would make to our own pensions, the increase, we would pay for our health care costs, so, what is the problem? doesn't that solve your budget issue? >>shepard: the answer is yes. >>reporter: so why are they asking for a repudiation of collective bargaining is at the core of union leverage. the answer back, is that the governor is saying, look, unless you give greater flexibility to the localities around wisconsin, and let them shave off a day of work here or there or alter benefits lightly with this or that with the public sector workers, we're going to face a much bigger day of reckoning and that will mean massive lie offs so you have to remove collective
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bargaining. >>shepard: doesn't the evidence indicate they were fine until the cuts, and there are accusations the cuts were made to produce this crisis so that big business could have more control and unions would be busted. >>reporter: and the unions have the argument they have conceded on the pension issue and on the health care through but the governor is insisting he needs the extra flexibility. this is going to be watched very closely by states around the country that are wrestling with the cost of the public sector workers and already you are seeing in indiana a whole different issue which is whether or not indiana should be a right to work state. that is another union issue that has come to the front. >>shepard: it is important, i think, not to make this soup, we should explain that there is a big difference between the budget crisis that is happening, say, in new jersey, after all the years of what they have been law in new jersey; the budget crisis if california because of entitlements and propositions; this situation in wisconsin is different. to suggest that wisconsin has
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problems that are similar to some of the other states woulds disingenuous at best. >>reporter: but if the pull back, what is happening is state budgets are in a position where they simply do not have enough money to meet the requirements. >> but not wisconsin. >>reporter: they would argue they have additional looping expenses there and they will have to make additional cuts and if you pull the lens back further this is the same argument that is playing out in washington. they are saying we have overcommitted ourselves as a government, we are spending far too much and we have to find ways to cut back on the services -- social security, indicateing medicaid and medicare. >>shepard: is it near the point that especially as it relates to wisconsin, it is not about all of the things that those who are pushing this would suggest it is, but, really, a battle between big government and big unions, versus big business. >>reporter: well, it's a
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battle between big social expectations on the part of an electorate that has come to accept the fact that it will have the benefits in the future. and governments that got into power one way or the other by doling them out, doling them out to unions, the public sector unions which then supported the candidates that won, and doling them out to the public which said, thank you very much, we will reelect you because that is what i wanted an expansion of medicare benefits. that has come home to roost at the state and national level. >>shepard: people want to make comparison, which is worse, this or what happened in egypt? the answer is very simple, that is not an equation we should be making. people died over there. lots of them died. and good friends of ours were beaten and attacked and hospitalized. but the show looks similar. >>reporter: the expectation from the street are not being
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>>shepard: in a fox weather alert. so much for the winter warm up. it is, february, after all. a major storm system hitting the northeast and midwest where a foot of snow in some spots and another round coming. our meteorologist is like in fox weather center. the midwest got bumped. >> yes. minnesota and wisconsin receiving over a foot. and in dearborn, michigan, a foot of snow almost. and further east, we see the lower totals in ohio and pennsylvania but the snow will be coming to an end through wisconsin and minnesota later on tonight but not before dumping
3:23 pm
about 6" more snow there. and, then, as we look further to the south you can see there is still plenty of moisture to be found throughout the midwest. and this is going to continue moving east. >>shepard: so another round for the northeast corridor. >> exactly. we will see in future radar, we will see all of this snow we are seeing on the satellite and radar continuing to shift to the east and southeast so places like washington, dc, and, also, baltimore, are going to see a winter mix with light snow fall with 1" to 2" expected the next 24 hours and that is a lot of snow for those areas but, again, it will be winding down through minnesota and wisconsin but lighter totals further east but enough to create a mess. >>shepard: a few inches on the ground in new york and more on the way to washington. february. the issue of guns on college campuses. now, front and center in the state of texas where the legislature is expected, today, to pass a law that allows
3:24 pm
students and professors to carry concealed handguns. in class. if it passes, texas would become the second stated after utah to approve such a broad law. colorado gives schools the choice of what to allow guns on campus. some supporters of the texas law site the virginia tech shooting as a reason to allow so people can defend themselves but critics including oak's school chief argue guns create a more dangerous environment. and now, trace is following this from the west coast. what is the argument for those that do not want students to carry guns as if i needed to come up with one. >>trace: they point out that next hat 38 public universities 500,000 students, a mix of parties and students and guns could be volume different and they point out in a situation like at virginia tech adding guns to a chaotic incident makes things worse. here the texas university
3:25 pm
student. listen. >> we have campus police and that is their job. i don't know if i trust the average person to pull out their gun and hopefully shoot the right one. that's a lot of trust to give to anybody. trace others add that it can be scary walking and not knowing who is packing and who isn't. >>shepard: texas is a big state with a lot of people and has a history of campus shooting. >>trace: in 190 -- 1960, university of texas a gunman climbed the famous clock tower with a rifle and opened fire killing 16 students and gun advocates say having a gun is simply self defense to make sure that virginia tech or austin never happens again. here is another texas student. listen. >> if we were allowed to carry guns criminal would know there are people here who are carrying on campus and it would be intimidating and not want to come to campus because some
3:26 pm
would be able to take them out if the situation arose. >>trace: as you noted at the top this bill is very likely to pass and if it does the governor, the gun advocate, will sign it. >>shepard: thank you, trace, from the west coast and back to libya and bahrain because it is very important. shia and sunny and in many ways this is about iran and their power over that region, its people, its oil, and potentially us. security is a mess. and now analysis just ahead. [ male announcer ] redesigned power e-trade pro.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b," the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news, crude oil jumping percent today as libya's protests spread. the united states imports 90,000 barrels of libyan oil each day and in 1984 american companies resumed operations in libya when sanctions were lifted. and now from washington, american markets are closed but the president says with the price of oil still jumped. >>reporter: libya is home to the largest reserves in africa, 46 billion barrels, 3 percent of the total of the world and the turmoil there sent oil prices up more than 5 percent today to above $90 a barrel for u.s. crude for the first time since april last year.
3:30 pm
trading in a heavier oil north sea crude was up 2.5 percent to $105 a barrel and with violence worsening in libya several oil companies are pulling personnel from the country according to the agency, the unrest has shut down 50,000 barrels of production. >>shepard: is there a sense how bad it could become? >>reporter: experts are not panicking, there is excess production capacity around the world that can offset a big decline of production in libya. for example, saudi arabia has four million barrels of excess capacity a day. right now, compared to the 1.4 million barrels a day of total production. for libya. >>shepard: thank you from washington, and all in washington paying close attention to developments in libya and across the middle east. and we have former middle east advisor running a company that advises business on working in
3:31 pm
the middle east. sir, good to see you. i want to talk to you about the two different places, first, in libya, as it relates to oil. there of real problems in. qadhafi is either there or not there, and we don't know. his people are rebelling and they took the second city and trying to take the capital and if they do, what happens? >>guest: well, as we teach in our course qadhafi is probably just like any other dictator that will flee the country and will flee to a non-arab country because i don't think arab countries will accept him from the history of madness for 20 or 30 years in the region. this is crucial time for us from what we see, his son coming up and i commented earlier about this is the islam, great concern about his standing in that tradition and this is one of the
3:32 pm
concerning areas for us in libya. >>shepard: the area that really has me sort of watching very closely is this business with bahrain, that the 5th fleet is there is large part of it but it is not the whole thing. of course, in bahrain, the royal family is sunni but with a shia majority said to be 70 percent. across the water from there along 14-mile causeway is saudi arabia and they have a picture of the same right there if that part of the country. iran watches all of this and says, well, this is a final for unrest, so here we can come. at the same time, we have the king now recovering in morocco and the number two person is not in charge and the number person is a racist when it comes to shia, there is in question about this and he is a brutal, brutal man. >>reporter: well, as far as bahrain is concerned, i can tell
3:33 pm
you from visiting on numerous occasions over 300,000 people marched on the square. >>shepard: they only have 900,000 citizens. that is absurd. >>guest: it is 1.6 including the ex-patriots. so a fourth. but, let's face us, the bahrain government, the crown prince, was have proactive and walked into the television station and he wants to create, develop dialogue with all parties including the shiites and he is ready to talk and he is ready to begin dialogue, and in my experience in bahrain having travel flood on many occasions, i love the people, love the liberty, what we can do as americans, and, yes, our 5th fleet is there and concerns and now as far as the iranian, they are flexing their muscles. are we concerned? yes, we should be, as anyone should be with iran it is an
3:34 pm
open market right now. and that's a true concern. another thing, if i may add, if you look at how bahrain is liberal, one ambassador in washington is a woman ambassador who happens to be a jewish faith so that shows you the wisdom, the leadership, how, there is no question about how advanced they are in the arab world. >>shepard: we know that the saudis are concerned about what happened in tunisia and egypt and more concerned about bahrain. they the causeway so the military can come over and regain control for their sect in the event of figure like this. how sure are we that saudi arabia is going to stay on its side of the king fahd causeway and not ranch oat -- ratchet this up. >>guest: if you take the area, the gulf states, everyone is concerns about iran and i think they will join forces to support
3:35 pm
each other. i've been on the causeway but i think at the end of the day you will see kuwaitis and on and on and saudis, supporting the kingdom of bay rain. >>shepard: thank you, former middle east advisor, thank you very much. >>guest: thank you. >>shepard: we are watching union protests in wisconsin closely and both sides know there is an enormous amount at stake and both getting help from the outside. a live report from madison, coming. and, zahra baker was just 10 years old and somebody killed her. today, after months of somethinglation, prosecutors have now filed murder charges against her step mother. stay tuned.
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ship the step mother of a disabled north carolina girl whose remains cops found scattered across the state is now facing murder charges. the ten-year-old vanished in october. a month later cops discovered her remains in several different
3:39 pm
locations. the step mother claimed her husband dismembered the girl but police say the evidence including cell phone records does not back that up and the husband has denied it. he is free on bond right now on unrelated charges. as the union showdown continues in wisconsin, outside groups are starting to get involved from the political left to the tea party on the right. the fight becoming about much more than what is happening there. and now from fox business network live in business. adam people are using this crisis to their advantage, correct? >>reporter: look at some of video from the protests and the thousands of people would showed up over the week. on governor walker's side americans for prosperity and the american majority getting people here to support the governor but on the pro labor, an organization called act blue, a political action committee, that put out a national flyer, called
3:40 pm
"raise money," and they have raised $252,000 for more than 9,000 donors and people are turning this into political and financial capital and wisconsin state senate democrats are putting out a flyer say donate $14 to the democratic state party in honor of the 14 not here to vote on the bill. >>shepard: and wisconsinite who wrote first against this and after that, outsiders came in on the pro walker side and now the other side, so tit for tat but not just wisconsin but other states are considering similar plans now. >>reporter: that is true. you have in indiana a plan to do a similar kind of situation with collective bargaining as they want to do in bits business -- in wisconsin and in indiana, same kind of protests with labor saying don't do this. in ohio they are considering the
3:41 pm
late legislation over collective bargaining and protests last week in which teachers and other members of the public labor union actually went into a hearing in the ohio statehouse to demonstrate against all of this. >>shepard: thank you, from wisconsin, adam. thank you very much. and now ruby the heart stealer claims the italian prime minister silvio berlusconi gave her money. lots of money. because he felt sorry for her. apparently that sympathy rang to the tune of more than $300,000 american dollars. bunga-bunga details ahead.
3:42 pm
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3:45 pm
gifts including precious stones, a rolex watch, no, two rolex watches, furs, a dress with pearls and on and on and the prime minister berlusconi's legal problems could cost him freedom in april when he goes to trial before a panel of three women judges. with us is the author of "the practice of public relations." and is managing partner of public relations counseling for emerald partners. well, a mess here. >>guest: bunga-bunga, and i remember cala bunga-bunga but berlusconi has been here before. he has been subject to 100 judicial inquiries and 2,500 court hearings since prime minister and he has paid half a billion in legal fees and the p.r. strategy is the same, what we call in the trade "what, me
3:46 pm
worry." the charges are outrageous, i will not dignify them with a comment, i never had any sex with "ruby, the heart stealer" and the other day, as you know, he went after the judiciary saying i will reform the judiciary systems so ridiculous charges are not done again. >>shepard: the $300,000 in differents you have to put it in context, he is a multibillionaire and those $300,000 is a lot to anybody but it is not as much when you are a multibillionaire. >>guest: but the problem is he is losing popularity precipitous ly. women hate him. the vatican is very concerned as you might understand. his own political party is concerned. and popularity in italy is now 35 percent so he may want to adopt a new p.r. strategy.
3:47 pm
>>shepard: what should the strategy be? >>guest: there is a strategy in the trade called the bill clinton modified hangout strategy. in which you go on television, he outbounds on the tv networks so that is no problem, he explains exactly what happened. he sets his own agenda and at the under he looks straight in the camera and says i did not have sex with that woman, "ruby, the heart stealer" and never looks back. and that is it. and keeps on moving. >>shepard: even with the gifts and all of the access and, it doesn't matter. >>guest: he is a 74-year-old man he will appeal and appeal and never go to jail. the p.r. winner is "ruby, the heart stealer" who did a commercial for $100,000 and demands when she goes on with someone like you $20,000 per interview which i think is a good idea. >>shepard: and then there is
3:48 pm
the manner of dissolving the government and there could be problems politically that we are not talking about. >>guest: this is why he has to hold out and say, look, these were gentle time, we served coke and we watched soccer your typical 74-year-old prime minister septogenarian having 20 or so young women at the house. nothing wrong with it. >>shepard: thank you, frazier, there was a time when there wasn't anything wrong with that in italy. >>guest: i say bunga-bunga to you. >>shepard: thank you, sir, punk bunk to you. the u.s. relationship with pakistan was rocky and now new information of a murder case could make it even worse. the c.i.a. involvement as well and a dust cloud a mile while. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and brand new information today on the american and pakistan, a man accused of double murder. he was secretly working for the c.i.a., raymond davis, and the c.i.a. reports he was hired as a security contractor for the u.s. consulate. pakistan says he was a spy. pakistan police arrested him last month arrest investigators say he shot two in a what he described as a robbery attempt and he says he fired in self defense and a bystander died after a car hit him while trying to rush to david's side. pakistani authorities release, have said this adoubt him. it wasn't self defense, he shot one guy twice in the back as he
3:53 pm
was running away. and pakistani authorities have released video of the interrogation, and this case is now a major diplomatic issue for the white house and the state department is calling for his immediate release. our national security correspondent is at the pentagon. what else do we know about davis and his job? >>reporter: not only was he working for the c.i.a. but he used to work for blackwater as a security contractor. he was contracted in pakistan to provide security for u.s. consulate officials and not, as one put to me, an al qaeda killer but there are reports out there that he was taking pictures of pakistani military facilities on the indian border. >>shepard: there were accusations he did not fire if sell defense and the pakistanis say he is a spy and that there are others involved with all of this and that it is a major diplomatic problem. and i wonder, at the same time, what conditions are like where police are holding him? >>guest: well, at the prison where he is held in pakistan, the conditions are very bad. he is being held i am told 4,000
3:54 pm
other militants, islamic militants and they have bomb sniffing dogs checking those going in and out of the facility and the dogs are sniffing for poison because there are rumors he blasphemed islam which is punishable by death and they are concerned about his safety. listen to the interrogation tape that pakistani police officials released shot from a cell phone. it is interesting what is said. you are from america? >> yes. (inaudible) but my -- i showed the police officer but it is lost. >> he is covered by the vienna
3:55 pm
conventions, covered by diplomatic immunity, and the white house is calling for him to be released right away. >>shepard: thank you from the pentagon. volcano ash sending thousands running for safety in the philippines in the "ring of fire." we are told the massive plume shot a mile into the sky and officials at one point this say visibility was at zero. they have been handing out makes in an effort to protect people from inhaling the debris and the volcano has had more than a dozen ash eruptions since november and there could be more in the weeks to come. and the chief correspondent is chatting away with viewers about the top story and you can join in at jonathan we started off with egypt and went beyond. what are they talking about? >>jonathan: the middle east and the unrest there a great deal. j.j. says "50 years of the u.s. and other western countries
3:56 pm
supporting authoritarian regimes is about to bite everyone in the butt." of course, libya is over in north africa and a lot of people have a lot to say about that, too, and a lot of our chatter is saying that president obama should follow president reagan's lead and launch airstrikes against qadhafi and his henchman pause of the violence and causes for president obama to say something publicly about the violence in libya but one says wards from the president or anybody else will not step bullets. and our resident comic says of qadhafi, he is one palm tree short of an oasis. >>shepard: live from the newsroom, jonathan. spend time at a ski resort? someone on the market is trying to show you up. we will tell you what landed a 78-year-old man in trouble with the cops. nf]fídn/xçyyxññw8woññó
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to help me hear better. male announcer: introducing amp, a new kind of hearing aid, so tiny, it's invisible. female announcer: amp is comfortable to wear and easily removable. amp, the hearing aid for people who aren't ready for a hearing aid. male announcer: call: to find an amp hearing professional near you. only $1,500 a pair. >>shepard: and before we wrap it up in stub a retired doctor in the state of only will not face criminal charges for violating rules at a ski resort. violating the rules of physics is another matter. officials say that the 78-year-old was skiing uphill. that is possible with special equipment. the people who run the place say the uphill skiing was unsafe because the presence of snow grouping machines and according to a local report, police grabbed the doctor, slapped handcuffs on him a


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